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About Us

This is Moz

Moz Sweden is a lifestyle brand rooted in the Swedish and Nordic way of living. We offer a wide range of products – from fashion clothing to kitchen essentials – all connected through the famous Moz elk-logo.

Welcome to join the Swedish lifestyle.

Our green vision

We are on a constant journey to make our products sustainable and green, and to make it easy for you to make sustainable choices. In the near future, we aim to loose all PVC materials in our products, and replace it with more environmental-friendly options.

Table with Moz products and cinnamon buns

The beginning of Moz

The Moz elk logo was designed by Anders Bylin back in 1998. It has since then grown to be a beloved figure, associated with peaceful times, nature, and Swedish living. Here you can read more about the life of Anders, and the journey of the Moz brand.

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Products for a joyful life

Moz offers products for an easy and joyful life – from fashionable clothing to practical outdoor essentials and kitchen supplies. Depending on your location, the range of products can vary.

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Close to nature, close to each other

Swedes love spending time out in nature. Many of us enjoy our summers and holidays in a little red house out on the countryside, close to the wind, the birds and the water. We go skiing in winter, look for chanterelles during autumn and enjoy a good book over a cup of coffee. But we also love feeling the energy of the city – meeting friends at restaurants and cafés, feeling the never-ending pulse of something bigger. It’s the perfect balance of the quiet outdoors and the vibrant city-life.