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Picking Chanterelles in autumn

Chanterelles are called ”kantareller” in Swedish, and are beloved mushrooms amongst many Swedes. The peak-season is early autumn, when you can find almost every other Swede out in the forest looking for chanterelles.

Chanterelles are popular and easy to recognize

Chanterelles are one of the most popular mushrooms in Sweden. They are easy to spot in the forest since they are bright golden-yellow, and often pop up in groups on the same spots year after year. The way they’re shaped and colored is quite unique, which makes them hard to mix up with other mushrooms.

Another thankful thing about chanterelles is their love of sunlight. They thrive in mixed and bright forests, and they often grow by the side of the forest path. So you don’t have to walk far into a dark, thick forest to find them – sometimes you can pick a whole basket full of them without having to deviate from the path.

Woman picking chanterelles.

What to bring when picking chanterelles

If you’re going on a chanterelle-hike, you don’t need much to have a lovely time. Make sure the weather is nice, and that you’re heading out during the right season. Chanterelles grow between July to October, and the chances of finding them are bigger during late summer and the beginning of autumn.

So – what to pack? We recommend the following:

  • Water to drink
  • Kanelbulle or some other sweet snack
  • Coffee, or a hot beverage of you liking
  • A separate basket for the mushrooms
  • A blanket or similar to sit on when taking a break
  • A friend for company
Man and woman with mushroom basket
Känn lugnet bland träden, feel the calmness among the trees Känn lugnet bland träden, feel the calmness among the trees

Finding chanterelles

Here’s what to look for to find plenty of chanterelles:

  • bright places in the forest
  • mixed forest (not a thick pine tree forest)
  • look closely to the path you’re walking on
  • if you’ve found chanterelles on one spot before, it’s likely to find them there again
  • golden yellow clusters of mushrooms!

Good luck finding chanterelles – the golden mushrooms of the forest!

Woman wonders in forrest, mushroom hunting.