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Creating a flower wreath

Not only the maypole is decorated with flower wreaths – it’s also a traditional head piece that you can make yourself.

Flower wreath – the crown of summer

Hundreds of years ago, the flower wreath was an easy way to dress up – even for a wedding. A flower wreath was also a great way to preserve the magic of summer: it was said to bring good luck if you put the dried Midsummer flowers in your yearly Christmas bath.

Today, the flower wreath is a loved tradition amongst both children, older people, men and women. They were traditionally worn by women, but anyone can wear one today.

Woman with flower wreath, sitting on a swing
  • People cheering around a table

Making a flower wreath

There are no rules when making a flower wreath. Let your imagination set the standards, and choose whatever you think looks great. Here’s a list of things you will need for you own wreath:

  • strong/thick wire for the round base
  • thin wire to attach flowers
  • flowers and greens of different sorts – make sure the shafts of the flowers aren’t too short
  • a fabric or satin band (optional)
Woman making a wreath of midsummer flowers

Making a wreath step by step

  1. Create a circle of the thick wire, and adjust it to the size of your head. This will be the base of the whole wreath.
  2. Attach the thin wire to the base, and start adding flowers.
  3. Attach one flower at a time by twining the thin wire around the shaft. Alternate flowers and greens and keep twining the wire to attach everything
  4. When the whole base is covered with flowers, end the twining and hide the thin wire.
  5. You can preferably decorate the wreath with the satin band and end it with a bow.

One last tip: don’t be afraid to experiment or let the wreath become big, proud or exciting. Nothing is wrong when it comes to midsummer flowers and wreaths. Let your imagination flow, and enjoy the flower crown you’ve created.

Woman teaches girl how to make a wreath