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Spring is finally here!

Feels like forever after that long, dark winter. But hey, we Swedes don’t care about the temperature – sun’s out, we’re out! Basically, living outside until winter chases us back in.

Come April, Swedes swear spring’s finally sprung. Sure, there might be some leftover snow in the woods, but most places are bursting with green buds. And as soon as that sun peeks out? Boom, Swedes are out too!

Sunshine hits, and bam! Cafés and patios fill up with folks braving the chill. Sunglasses with chunky scarves and fuzzy blankets? Totally normal – gotta soak up that sun with friends over a fika, no matter what!

Must-do list when spring springs

Springtime? Easy to love! Sunshine’s stretching its legs, birds are back in the band, and those trees are turning green again. We Swedes are all about soaking up the good vibes, so here’s how to score some spring magic:

  1. Lunch break walk with coworkers – fresh air is the new happy hour!
  2. Fika time! Grab coffee and a cinnamon roll, hit the park, or find a nature escape.
  3. Café date with your crush – spring air sparks romance, you know?

By now you get the picture: fika is your spring BFF. Coffee and a cinnamon roll? Makes any day better.