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Swedish strawberry cake

Forget fancy – when it comes to Swedish summer celebrations, there’s nothing quite like a delicious strawberry cake. Simple to make and even better to eat, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! 

Here’s all you need to whip up this delightful dessert

Summer’s calling, and what better way to answer than with a stunning strawberry cake? Making it is a breeze, perfect for any get-together. Here’s what you’ll need for this crowd-pleasing (and super easy) dessert:

  1. Your favorite sponge cake. Slice it in half for two beautiful layers.
  2. Heaping dollops of whipped cream. Don’t skimp here, go all out.
  3. A basketful of strawberries: The more, the merrier!
Woman decoration strawberry cake

Here’s the fun part!

Layer the cake with whipped cream, and feel free to add some sliced strawberries between the layers for a burst of summery flavor. Top it all off with the remaining whipped cream, and then comes the grand finale: arrange those gorgeous strawberries on top! And voila! A masterpiece fit for a fika party, ready to be devoured.

See? Easy as pie (or maybe even easier than that!).