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Winter-picnic by the fire

Winter season, snow and cold air won’t stop Swedes from having a picnic or some fika. It’s the perfect season to enjoy a warm beverage by a crackling fire with friends!

Picnic or fika during winter? Yes!

Having a picnic outside by a fire is a classic activity for many Swedes. It’s an easy way to enjoy winter, to keep warm and spend time outdoors. Plus it doesn’t take much to have a picnic outdoors: many camping sights and open places in public forests have fire-stations for people to use. They are built to be safe and attract people to be outside. So if you’re visiting Sweden in winter, you will find many Swedes out and about in the forest, even though there’s snow and freezing temperatures – it’s an easy way to stay mentally healthy, getting fresh air and spending time with others!

People enjoying picnic by fire

What to bring for a winter-picnic

If you’re curious about heading out for a winter picnic by a fire (you don’t have to make a fire – but it’s extra cozy), there are a few easy things to keep in mind:

  1. Always carry an extra sweater, just in case.
  2. Pack sunglasses – no joke! – if the sun is out and bright.
  3. You will never regret that blanket or seat cushion.
  4. Wet-wipes, in case you need to clean your hands or utensils.

But the most important thing is of course: the fika! The most classic food to bring is sausages to heat in the open fire, bread buns and ketchup. Another one is coffee or tea and cinnamon rolls.

Family playing in the snow with their dog.

Fika for a winter-picnic

There will be no winter-picnic without something sweet and preferably warm to drink. Here’s a list of options that many Swedes bring along in their backpacks:

  • One thermos of hot coffee
  • One thermos of hot chocolate (for kids or non-coffee-drinkers)
  • A small bottle of cold milk (most of the time for the coffee)
  • Cinnamon buns (and many!)
  • Sweet crackers – like oat crackers with chocolate
  • Napkins

If you’re heading out with kids, Swedish pancakes are an easy and popular choice to bring. Make the pancakes the day before (or in the morning), roll them up with some jam and put them in a box to bring, making both kids and adults extra happy!

Woman having picnic out doors in winter